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        Mount Huangshan hemisphere Auto Parts Co., Ltd. was established in 2008. It is a professional spark plug manufacturer integrating scientific research and productive forces. With reliable product quality and quality service, the company in recent years, the strong momentum of development, expanding the scale of production, so far, the company can provide the spark plug: spark plug, spark plug, gas spark plug, industrial spark plugs, platinum spark plugs, iridium spark plugs, spark plug electrode side V, groove center electrode of the spark plug, surface flashover type spark plug in 12 categories, more than 100 models.

        The company occupies an area of 65 acres, in July 2014, Anhui Mount Huangshan high tech Development Zone hemisphere Industrial Park covers an area of 50 acres of formal investment, more than ...[more]


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  • Spark Plug:WR7DP4


  • Spark Plug:WR7BP4


  • Spark Plug:W7BC


  • Spark Plug:S9YC OE009

    S9YC OE009

  • Spark Plug:Q20-U11 90919-YZZAC

    Q20-U11 90919-YZZAC

  • Spark Plug:NLP100320


  • Spark Plug:NLP100290


  • Spark Plug:N9YC OE001

    N9YC OE001

  • Spark Plug:MN163235


  • Spark Plug:LR025605


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